Anna & Eugeni Bach, the firm behind the awkwardly-named but beautifully realized MMMMMS House, recently completed an interesting renovation of an apartment in Barcelona. The firm rearranged the home to play to its strengths, installing several space maximizing features along the way – most notably an unusual hanging desk area that's reached by ladder.

We've seen several interesting and quirky renovations come from Spain lately, with the Didomestic, All I Own House, and Susaloon just a few examples of projects aiming to improve available living space.

Anna & Eugeni Bach's aptly-named Apartment Refurbishment in Gran Via has the same goal, and involved the extensive renovation of an early 20th Century apartment in Barcelona. The firm demolished the home's cramped corridors to create a more open feel, and its 70 sq m (753.4 sq ft) is now split between a kitchen and dining area, living room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom.

Noting that the apartment had a relatively generous ceiling height for its size, Anna & Eugeni Bach decided to build upwards. A small studio area was created over the kitchen, reachable by ladder, and an unusual hanging desk was then installed. Additionally, a section of the bathroom was raised to create a storage space underneath.

Some other space-saving ideas were also installed, including small nooks and a fold-down kitchen table, and the overall impression one gets from the photos is that it's a small-ish but very workable space, though admittedly the hanging desk wouldn't be to everyone's taste.

Apartment Refurbishment in Gran Via was completed in 2015.

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