If you're wondering when you can hear about Apple's next iPhones and iPads, you might want to keep a weather eye on September 9, as a report indicates that's when Apple could hold its biggest product launch of the year.

According to Buzzfeed's John Paczkowski, who has accurately reported on Apple launch dates in the past (this time citing the token "sources familiar with Apple's plans"), the company will launch its next iPhones, iPads and Apple TV at a media event during the week of September 7 – with Wednesday, September 9 standing as the most likely day.

While Apple has previously launched iPhones and iPads at separate events, the iPad's prominence has dropped of late along with its sales, and the tablet will reportedly join the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus at the event.

The report says the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Pro is a "wild card" for the event.

Multiple sources have pointed to the next iPhones as having the Force Touch sensors found in the Apple Watch and recent MacBooks, as well as faster A9 chips and better cameras.

That long-rumored Apple TV set has yet to materialize, but the updated Apple TV set-top-box that Apple is rumored to be announcing at the event may be the closest we'll get. It allegedly has an A8 chip, overhauled OS, a remote control with a touchpad on it and Siri voice control.

Even when sources have proven track records, you'll always want to take these reports with a few grains of salt (and plans can change, even when reports are legit). But it also couldn't hurt to grab your calendar and pencil in a big fat Apple logo on Wednesday, September 9.

Source: Buzzfeed