It may be the most wonderful time of the year for some, but for the hardworking residents of the North Pole, Christmas is a time of long hours, tight deadlines, and tricky logistical challenges. In a bid to help ensure presents continue to get delivered in a timely fashion, an architecture competition was recently held to design a new Scandinavian logistics center for Santa and his team.

The Unbelievable Challenge is a conceptual architecture competition launched as part of a marketing campaign for organizers Ruukki (a construction supplies firm), that calls for Santa to move his base of operations over to Oulu, Finland. Out of a total 243 entries from 59 countries, Romania's Alexandru Oprita and Laurentiu Constantin were given the nod as joint winners, with Nothing Is Impossible: a sustainable building which sports a novel invisible facade that enables it to stay hidden from prying eyes during the day.

Nothing Is Impossible is hidden from view with a photovoltaic membrane and a two-way mirror membrane, both of which help it blend in with the surrounding landscape. We're not quite sure exactly how this system would work, but presumably the magic of Christmas comes into play somehow.

The winning concept also calls for a snow collection system, which melts snow for use in the building, in addition to a rainwater collector. A ground-source heat pump produces heat energy from the ground, and a solar panel array is also located on the roof. We've no word on stables, but it's a given that Rudolph and company would also be made suitably comfortable.

Alexandru Oprita and Laurentiu Constantin have been awarded a cash prize of €1,000 (US$1,250) and just one of the two will be able to participate in a 10-week paid internship at top architecture firm Snøhetta. As of writing, primary investor Mr. Claus was unavailable for comment.

Check out each of the runners-up in the gallery.

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