Founded by Japanese designer Kenya Hara, Architecture for Dogs is an unusual project that showcases various structural designs that have been specifically created for dogs. Following the popular trend of pet-friendly furniture like the Cat Tunnel Sofa and Dog House Sofa, these structures hope to change the way people interact with their dogs in shared living spaces.

Designed by eleven architectural firms, each piece of furniture has been created with a specific breed of dog in mind. Taking on board the diverse characteristics, temperament, health, and living conditions of each particular breed, the designs are unique, creative and above all interactive.

Architecture for Boston Terriers, by Sou Fujimoto

Better yet, dog lovers will be able to download the DIY blueprints to these designs and build them at home. From November 15, the interactive Architecture for Dogs website will allow anyone access to free blueprints, instructions and videos to build their very own versions at home.

In the future Hara plans to expand this original idea into something like “Architecture for Swimming” or “Architecture for Sleeping”. But in the meantime an exhibition of the Architecture for Dogs project will debut at Design Miami at the end of the year and then at Tokyo’s Toto Gallery in October 2013.

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