It's been a long time since Atari hardware was the centerpiece of a tech-savvy household, but now the classic videogame-maker is looking to re-enter the fray. Today it has announced a partnership with Internet of Things (IoT) specialist Sigfox to develop a new set of products for the connected home, with plans to cover everything from your own safety to that of your cats and dogs.

Sigfox's Internet of Things network is centered on keeping low-powered objects like smartwatches and pet trackers online. It uses sub-GHz frequencies and offers two-way communications over much larger distances than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, albeit at a lower bandwidth of around 100 bps.

The network is currently operating in 18 countries, but the company is aiming to eventually roll out a global network to connect devices the world over. And among these will be a forthcoming range of household products to be developed in partnership with Atari.

At this stage, it has only been revealed that the product categories will include home, pets, lifestyle and safety. Atari says its products will be designed to work with Sigfox's global network and will therefore have very long battery lives and won't require a local internet connection, rather they will hook into the network as soon as they are powered up.

Rather than dusting off the machinery at the old Atari plant, it seems more likely that the company, which is owned by Infogrames, is simply lending some brand power to Sigfox's upcoming line of products. Product development is set to kick off this year, with more info apparently on the way.

Source: Atari

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