Following a vacation that included time spent sheltering from rain in an RV with a lackluster view, Longmont, Colorado-based F9 Productions was inspired to create Atlas. Described as a tiny house/RV hybrid, the solar-powered dwelling boasts generous glazing and a porch that unfolds to offer a semi-outdoor space.

The recently-completed Atlas features a tube steel frame, wooden cladding and spray foam insulation, and sits on a trailer, with an estimated total weight of 7,500 lb (3,400 kg). Its interior measures 196 sq ft (18 sq m), which is split between a snug primary living space on the ground floor, and an even smaller loft area with queen-sized bed. The loft is reached by stairs with integrated storage.

Amenities include a fold-out couch that sleeps two, kitchen with sink and induction cooker, refrigerator, pantry and a long countertop. The bathroom includes a toilet and shower. The tiny home sleeps three adults, or two adults and two children in total.

While in transit, the towable home's deck and lift-up awning is folded shut, but once parked they can be unfolded to offer an additional porch space that should go some way to making the snug home seem more livable.

The home harnesses electricity from a roof-based 640 watt solar panel system, which is linked to a battery array. In addition, a backup generator and electric hookup should ensure the juice keeps flowing whatever the weather. Atlas also sports a rainwater collection system on the roof and grey water, black water, and fresh water tanks are installed.

Atlas is available for purchase now, with a starting price of US$75,000 placing it at the upper end of the tiny house/shelter market.

Source: Atlas

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