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Audi Q7 SUV portal signs prospects by the thousand

Audi Q7 SUV portal signs prospects by the thousand
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July 1, 2005 Multiple medium promotional campaigns using internet sites as the campaign hub continue to grow in functionality and capability and response, as the world penetration of internet connectivity trends towards ubiquity. Accordingly it has been interesting to watch the surge in traffic to Audi's online Broadband portal, “Q7 Globe” - it's the biggest multi-channel marketing project ever undertaken by the company for the launch of a new model and although the Audi Q7 SUV will not have its premiere until the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the "Q7 Globe" online portal has already signed up 110,000 prospects.

The Q7 ‘virtual features a film showing images of test trials of the camouflaged Audi Q7 in the desert; designers explaining the styling; photos and film clips of the Q7 as downloads; exclusive information about the technology, and even a global competition.

"The response to the Q7 Globe has been tremendous. And this is despite the fact that widespread promotion of the Q7 has not even started yet. The fact that over 110,000 people have registered their personal details demonstrates the immense level of interest in the Q7. For us these are potential customers with an enhanced interest in buying the vehicle", says Hans-Christian Schwingen, Head of Marketing Communication at AUDI AG.

The Q7 Globe was jointly initiated by Audi Marketing Communication and Audi Relationship Marketing. André Lutz, in charge of Potential Customer Management, explains: "The Q7 Globe is not just simply a website, but a key component in a program for the generation and support of prospective customers at an international level, and for the extended launch campaign introducing the new SUV. This is Audi's biggest multi-channel marketing project to date for the launch of a new model."

Lutz continues: "The Q7 will be Audi's first vehicle in the large SUV segment. This means that this car has no predecessor at Audi and therefore it is essential to get to know new customers and to win them over from other brands in order to achieve sales targets.

The Q7 Globe project was launched as early as March in Europe in order to identify this target group at an early stage and has been a great success in this respect. Around sixty percent of people registering an interest drive vehicles of other brands. The online special is made available centrally by Audi Marketing to all importers, along with the other elements of the Q7 Globe. So far the program and its online special are used by 38 markets throughout the world. It has already been translated into seven languages with more language versions to follow.

Users can access an elaborately-designed website that makes full use of the multimedia opportunities offered by broadband Internet. The virtual world of the Audi Q7 will open up in five thematic phases, which will be released step-by-step, up to the vehicle's premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

In the first phase, "Evolution", the visitor experiences the tradition and innovation of the Audi brand – with highlights from the areas of technology and motor sport, from the "Audi Pikes Peak quattro" design study through to the production model, with exclusive Q7 films and photographs to download and use as desktop backgrounds or screensavers.

The second phase, "Design", contains such items as interviews with Audi designers Dany Garand and Satosha Wada, who provide information about the styling of the Audi Q7.

in the third phase, "Performance", it is possible to access 3D animations as well as some initial information about engine options, drive trains, handling and ride quality, plus some new shots of the Q7.

The "Comfort" and "Flexibility" phases are also still to come before September. Potential customers will be addressed specifically after prospect data has been evaluated. In addition to this, users of Q7 Globe have the opportunity to take part in a competition to win a high-end Bang & Olufsen speaker system, as well as VIP tickets for the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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