Hyundai Ioniq concept car cabin does chores and rides like a theater

Hyundai Ioniq concept car cabi...
Hyundai and LG present the Ioniq Concept Cabin
Hyundai and LG present the Ioniq Concept Cabin
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Hyundai and LG present the Ioniq Concept Cabin
Hyundai and LG present the Ioniq Concept Cabin

Hyundai's Ioniq sub-brand has already defined itself as a high-tech enterprise thanks to its electrified vehicle lineup. Now Hyundai is looking to give it even more of a reputation for cutting-edge tech, experimenting with a concept car cabin of the future. The newest Ioniq-badged design includes a massive flexible OLED screen for entertainment and a series of robotic and automated equipment to keep the cabin and passengers clean and tidy.

Developed in partnership with LG Electronics, the Ioniq Concept Cabin is an experiment in repurposing the extra interior space gained through a decentralized electric powertrain. It leverages the robust next-gen battery in powering additional equipment and components.

The highlight is the 77-inch LG OLED screen integrated into the ceiling that can display independent content for the two rear passengers. It's unclear why it's built in the ceiling, outside of making for a clearer three-sided exhibit, but presumably it can bend and flex in such a way as to alleviate painful neck positions. Headrest speakers immerse each passenger in a personalized sound field.

In addition to providing a theatrical viewing experience, the concept interior also helps passengers complete daily chores. We take the "Clothing Care" feature to be some form of ironing or steaming that can smooth out wrinkled jackets on the move. The "Shoes Butler" appears to be a simple shoe storage compartment, perhaps with some kind of auto-shine or deodorizing function.

Beyond taking care of passengers, the concept cabin takes care of itself. A floor-cleaning robot keeps the planked floor shining, while UV LED lamps sanitize the full interior, a style of feature we're certain to see more of in the post-Covid world.

We don't expect to see Hyundai Ioniqs rolling out with 77-in OLEDs anytime soon, but the automaker does say we can expect to see some concept-related features to make production, beginning with the Ioniq 5, a midsize electric crossover inspired by the EV 45 concept set to launch in early 2021.

"Hyundai plans to leverage the abundant interior space and vast power supply capacity of EVs to integrate home electronics and appliances in its future IONIQ models," the company states.

Source: Hyundai

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