Tesla posts a quarterly record for electric car deliveries

Tesla posts a quarterly record...
Tesla's Model 3
Tesla's Model 3
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Tesla's Model 3
Tesla's Model 3
Tesla’s Model 3 makes up a majority of its sales
Tesla’s Model 3 makes up a majority of its sales

After having its operations impacted by the coronavirus through the early and middle parts of the year, Tesla has posted a new quarterly record for deliveries. The automaker shipped just under 140,000 cars in the third quarter of 2020, boding well for its post-pandemic recovery and smashing its previous record set last year.

Like many business around the world, Tesla had to shut down elements of its operations as the coronavirus pandemic took hold in early 2020, closing down parts of its California factory. This led to a second quarter delivery figure of 90,650, well down on the record of 112,000 set in the final quarter of 2019, and just up from its first quarter effort of 88,400.

Of the 139,300 vehicles Tesla shipped in the third quarter or 2020, 124,100 of those were Model 3 and Model Ys, while its more expensive Model S and X’s made up the remaining 15,200.

Tesla’s Model 3 makes up a majority of its sales
Tesla’s Model 3 makes up a majority of its sales

The promising rebound follows last month’s Battery Day, in which Tesla CEO Elon Musk presented a a 1,100-hp Model S Plaid and a new type of “tabless” battery architecture, which is hoped to lower the production costs of the company’s vehicles. Ultimately, Musk said he is confident Tesla can produce a US$25,000 electric car “about three years from now.”

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Of more importance is the question 'Did Tesla make a 3rd quarter profit"?
I concur with Vince, shipping out lots of product doesn't mean much if you're losing money.
Elon Musk is doing something other publicly held companies are afraid to do. Plowing any profits, along with substantial additional investment, into future technology, tooling and production automation. You don't build a new industry by siphoning of profits for executive paychecks.
Don Duncan
Elon may be contrasted with other CEOs but not compared. He is too unusual, too far ahead, too complex.
For example, he is under promising and not explaining his grand plan, e.g., how all his businesses work together. Slowly but surely, his dominance will become apparent to even the most blind. The really important thing is his achievements are all non-violent, creative, respecting of a voluntary social system.
I didn't understand the hype about Tesla until I drove one. Now I get it. The user experience has ruined me on gasoline-powered cars for good.
I'm with bkwanab. Tesla has been bleeding money for years now, but the effect the company has had n the automotive industry is absolutely astounding. Alarmists and Deniers both love the vehicles. All the auto manufacturers have had to build EVs to keep up with Elon. And he keeps sinking billions back into the company, expanding it into battery sales, Powerwalls, Solar, and more. But Tesla has a large profit recently from selling regulatory credits. See: