Hear that? Nope? Me neither, but the silent, high-speed electric surfboard is now most definitely a thing, coming soon to a reasonably smooth set of swells near you. The latest to hit the waves is the Awake Rävik, a 35-mph (56-km/h), full carbon stand-up beast with a wireless hand-held throttle.

Like a vastly overpowered electric skateboard for the surf, the Rävik is one of a growing breed of highly physical stand-up watersports machines that make use of compact electric powertrains to deliver high-speed thrills with a side of exercise and balance work.

Its full carbon body and torquey direct drive water propulsion system make it one of the fastest gadgets in its class – only pipped, as far as we're aware, by the Lampuga Boost, which is a single mile per hour faster flat out.

This is a smooth-seas toy. It can be jumped over waves in a limited fashion, but looks like much more fun when you can open the throttle and carve a flat body of water with only the occasional bump to negotiate. If you fall off and the board flips over, it'll automatically stop – a nice touch given how far this thing could get away from you if it kept the throttle open.

No prices are given as yet, but expect a fair old punch in the hip pocket. The Lampuga Boost, for example, debuted with a retail price of US$24,600. So this may be one to rent, not buy. Either way, orders open on August 1, and deliveries are beginning in September.

See how it rides in the video below.

Source: Awake Boards

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