EV-X7: The electric future-cruiser

EV-X7: The electric future-cru...
Axle Group's EV-X7 electric motorcycle
Axle Group's EV-X7 electric motorcycle
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Axle Group's EV-X7 electric motorcycle
Axle Group's EV-X7 electric motorcycle

November 26, 2007 With a style unlike anything that’s come before it, the EV-X7 is an electric streetbike with a 92mph top speed and a range of up to 110 miles. It looks like it runs some sort of hub-centre steering arrangement, and the prototype is now on display in Japan. Axle Group, the makers of the bike, will release a US$2100 mini-scooter using similar technology in the next 12 months.

While 92mph represents quite decent performance for a zero-emissions, electric vehicle, we’re sure if you thrashed this oddball motorcycle along at that sort of speed for any length of time, the battery range would be closer to 25 miles than 110. Seems to us the EV-X7 isn’t fitted with the same sort of battery management hardware found in the Vectrix maxi-scooter, which limits top speed in order to preserve battery range.

More photos and video of the EV-X7 being toddled around a carpark by a Japanese motorcycle racer at treehugger.

I like the riding posture.
As I gracelessly slide into old age, motoring along in Barcalounger style suits this La-Z-Boy.
i can dig it,, it fits my laid back life style.
I wish I could get a nice kit and slap the 1832cc flat six from my GoldWing is something like this (scaled appropriately, of course).
A bubble canopy, and I\'m there!