We've seen lots of very large tiny houses lately and towable dwellings do seem to be getting steadily larger on the whole, but for those who prefer a tiny house that's, well, tiny, French firm Baluchon's latest model may be of interest. Named the Ostara, it measures just 6 m (19 ft)-long but packs in a surprisingly livable layout.

Baluchon has been pretty busy over the last couple of years, steadily producing pint-sized dwellings like the Essen'Ciel and Escapade. Each one conforms to the same style but looks different enough to keep things interesting.

The Ostara has already been sold and takes its name from a stable that it will be located next to in Toulouse, France. It's based on a double-axle trailer, clad in cedar, and topped by a metal roof.

Visitors enter into the living room, which is dominated by a large 1.8 m (6 ft) couch that doubles as a guest bed (it's not clear whether it's a proper sofa bed or just a big couch). To the right of this lies a small kitchenette split into two sections and including a sink, fridge, shelving and stove.

Continuing past the kitchen and hidden behind a door is a small but functional bathroom which includes a shower and composting toilet. Over on the other side of the tiny home, meanwhile, is a nice little dining area and wood-burning stove.

A storage-integrated staircase leads up to a small sleeping loft which has a net installed to stop fitful sleepers from rolling out at night and doing themselves an injury.

The Ostara gets its power from a standard RV-style hookup and features sheep's wool insulation in the floor, and cotton, linen and hemp insulation in the walls. The lighting is LED throughout.

Unfortunately, Baluchon hasn't revealed how much this one cost to build.

Source: Baluchon (in French)

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