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Bang & Olufsen's BeoCom 2 cordless telephone

Bang & Olufsen's BeoCom 2 cord...
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Bang & Olufsen's BeoCom 2 cordless telephone is a unique design departure utilising a single piece of curved aluminium to create a slender, tactile shape that's easy to pick up, handle and operate with one hand. The unit includes a built in phone book and stores the previous 16 incoming and outgoing calls, but the real bonus in functionality is the BeoCom2's ability to double as a remote volume controller for Bang & Olufsen stereo and television equipment, eliminating the frustration of trying to find that elusive TV remote before answering the phone. Another welcome change is the ring tone. Specially developed to mimic tubular wind-chimes, the aim is to create a sound that is unobtrusive but still capable of getting your attention (though we suggest discarding any real wind-chimes). The BeoCom 2 will cost AUS $1190 when released in late November 2002 and is available in aluminium, gold, black and blue.

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