Although barbecuing can be fun, the person doing the grilling is usually stuck having to hover around the barbecue, checking the meat and adjusting the cooking temperature accordingly. BBQ Guru is attempting to change that situation, with its new CyberQ Wi-Fi. Using included probes, the system monitors the temperature of the barbecue itself and up to three pieces of meat that are cooking within it, then sends that data to the backyard chef via their mobile device or PC – they can then remotely adjust the barbecue’s settings as needed.

As its name implies, the device communicates using a Wi-Fi signal, although it can also be controlled using an internet browser. Besides providing a real-time data stream on cooking temperatures, it will additionally send email alerts to the user when different stages in the cooking process are reached.

Along with its remote-control capabilities, the CyberQ can also act as a sort of automatic pilot for the barbecue. Cooking instructions can be programmed into it, which it will then carry out on its own, raising and lowering the temperature of the grill to predetermined levels when required. Users who don’t want to bother with their smartphones can just check the system’s status on its control box, which incorporates a scrolling backlit two-line LCD display.

Some of its other features include a cook-and-hold function (to keep finished items warm without overcooking them), an open lid detector (which allows the temperature settings to recover quickly after the lid has been opened), and audible alarms that sound when the food is done or the temperature fluctuates too much.

The CyberQ Wi-Fi works within a cooking temperature range of 32 to 475ºF (0 to 246ºC), and is available now for US$295 – fan and grill adapter not included. iDevice users who simply want to keep tabs on cooking temperatures might also want to look into the iGrill Bluetooth cooking thermometer, which sells for $99.99.

Source: BBQ Guru via Engadget