Here's a very simple but possibly handy gizmo for those who'd like to create custom furniture without the need of any tools. Be-elastic's Snap metal furniture legs slot onto a flat surface to turn it into a table.

Snap is made primarily from steel covered in epoxy paint, and comes in two sizes: 35 cm (14 in), which is recommended for coffee tables, and the slightly taller 45 cm (17 in). The creators show Snap being used to turn a bicycle wheel, door, and dartboard into tables, and it can also be used to create shelving and a computer desk.

To get started, you simply slot four Snap legs over the surface you'd like to turn into a table, securing each one in place with an integrated cable. Snap's surface is padded, so shouldn't scratch your table top, and when used together, four units can bear a weight of up to 98 kg (154 lb). Snap comes in four colors for the steel legs, and another four colors for the cable.

Snap is currently on Kickstarter, and as of writing, a set of two is available for a pledge of US$60. If all goes to plan, delivery is estimated for October 2015. You'll have to be quick though, as there's only a couple of days left for the campaign to run.

The video below sheds more light on Snap.

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