E-bike commuting is absolutely stellar for people who don't mind the riding position on a regular bicycle. But that's not everyone. Some folk have back problems that don't let them stretch out over handlebars for long periods. Others aren't enamored of the, ahem, intrusive shape of many bike seats.

That's what makes the Behemoth, by Day 6 Bicycles, an interesting proposition. It's a fat tire, 1000-watt mid-drive electric with up to 17.5 amp hours of 48-volt batteries and a 24 speed drivetrain.

But ergonomically, it sits somewhere between a regular bike and a full-on recumbent. You sit up straight on the Behemoth, on a wide, soft injection-moulded comfort saddle, with your posture assisted by a lumbar support cushion.

The handlebars sit on huge ape hanger-style risers that put your body in a very relaxed position, and the frame is kind of u-shaped to make it easily accessible to a wider range of ages and physical conditions.

There's no suspension as such to take the bumps out of your ride, but then 4-inch fatties tend to soak up a fair bit of shock by themselves, and while they also make it harder to pedal, that's hardly likely to be a problem with the sprightly motor on this thing, which operates via five levels of pedal assist, as well as a thumb throttle.

The Behemoth comes in three sizes, and fits riders from 5'1" up to a hulking 6'10", as exemplified by former Detroit Piston power forward Rick Mahorn in the video below – a guy who's got 18 years' worth of highly physical pro basketball miles on his back and legs.

Rick Mahorn was the "Baddest of the Bad Boys" in his NBA days, and not a man to mess with. So we're not going to say too much about the aesthetics of the Behemoth in case he might be listening. Suffice to say it's got a pretty … unique look to it.

But if it gets more people onto e-bikes thanks to its terrific ergonomics, that's a win for everyone. The Behemoth starts shipping this month with retail prices of US$4,329 for the 14.5 amp hour battery and US$4,699 for the larger 17.5 amp hour version.

Source: Day 6 Bikes