We've already looked at all the wild custom cars of the SEMA Show, but that was only half the story. For roughly every neon-lit, overpowered car on display, there was a jacked-up truck, makeshift off-road camper or heavily armored 4x4. The trucks and utility vehicles were every bit as much the story as the cars, and we tell it in this photo gallery.

We started our trip to Las Vegas with an off-road excursion from eastern California, so despite the overflow of incredible sports cars (we liked those, too), we were a bit more tuned in to the Baja trucks, rock crawlers, UTVs and expedition vehicles spread across the Las Vegas Convention Center and surrounding lots.

To round off this gallery, we've included vans/camper vans and a military machine or two. If you love heavy-duty, go-everywhere, live-on/off-the-road hardware, this could be your favorite Gizmag gallery since Overland Expo.

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