nothng ebike is designed to live up to its name

nothng ebike is designed to li...
The nothng ebike is currently on Indiegogo
The nothng ebike is currently on Indiegogo
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The nothng's smoothed-out, sanded-down welds are definitely a nice touch
The nothng's smoothed-out, sanded-down welds are definitely a nice touch
The nothng ebike is currently on Indiegogo
The nothng ebike is currently on Indiegogo
A close look at the nothng's Gates Carbon belt drive
A close look at the nothng's Gates Carbon belt drive
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Given that they are at least partially high-tech electronic devices, many ebikes are just dripping with extra features … which not everyone wants. Well, the aptly-named nothng was created with just such folks in mind, as it embraces the concept of minimalism.

The nothng (pronounced "nothing") is being built by British startup Analog Motion, which previously brought us the similarly basic AM1 ebike.

Some of the features that it does offer include just a single gear, integrated head- and tail-lights, mechanical disc brakes, an air-sprung saddle, relatively cushy 700 x 50c tires, an adjustable-angle handlebar stem, and a smooth-running, zero-maintenance Gates Carbon belt drive instead of a chain. A 250-watt rear hub motor augments the rider's pedaling power up to a top speed of 25 km/h (16 mph) in Europe, and 32 km/h (20 mph) in the US.

That motor is powered by a down-tube-mounted 36V/7-Ah lithium battery, which can be locked in place and removed for charging. One charge should reportedly be good for a motor-assisted range of anywhere from 20 to 60 km (12 to 37 miles), depending on variables such as terrain, pedaling effort, and the amount of assistance selected – riders choose the latter via a small LCD control unit on the handlebars.

A close look at the nothng's Gates Carbon belt drive
A close look at the nothng's Gates Carbon belt drive

The bike's cables are internally routed through the aluminum frame, adding to its uncluttered look. And on the subject of appearance, the smoothed-out, sanded-down welds on that frame are definitely a nice touch. For people who do want to clutter it up a bit for the sake of practicality, mudguards and a kickstand are included. There are also mounting points on the frame for pannier racks.

The whole thing is claimed to tip the scales at a fairly reasonable 15.9 kg (35 lb).

Should you be interested, the nothng is presently the subject of an Indiegogo campaign. Assuming it reaches production, a pledge of £905 (about US$1,250) will get you one in a choice of standard or step-through frame. The planned retail price is £1,795 ($2,470).

You can see the nothng in action, in the video below.

nothng: an electric bike

Source: Indiegogo

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A marvelous bike... but the price!
bummer. if they priced it at what it's worth, maybe $500, it might sell ok here in the usa.
Pity it doesn't cost nothng.
There is 'nothng' that would make me buy this bike for the simple reason that it only comes in one size. With a standover height of nearly 33 inches in the diamond frame version, I would have to lean the bike to the side at stop lights and also would be very stretched out because of the long top tube. It can be as light and 'minimalist' as claimed, but if it doesn't come in sizes to fit a range of riders, what good is it?
Mmmmmm....yep, minimalist in features, not in price. Can see the treble-latte crowd rushing to get it. For less than this I can import Sonďors Fold-XS with all bells/whistles to the UK from USofA (oh wait, I have :-).
Get over yourself. We didn't need a documentary about COVID!
Next Time, get to the meat immediately. Good journey.
Lee Bell
Decent ebike but cost is far too high for what you get. Nothing new about that though. Most ebikes are overpriced when they first come out. If they changed that single speed rear hub to a three speed and that battery to a 12-14 amp hour version, it would be a better bike and possibly worth the current asking price then. Once the price goes up to $2400 it's not going to sell at all. I can get a more capable ebike at Wally World now for about $700 or so as it is. Putting all the cables inside the frame makes for a pretty clean looking setup but it's also a major P.I.A. when the cables need to be replaced and all brake and shifting cables on bikes need to be replaced now and then. I can see it selling to the overpriced coffee crowd that might it around on weekends in pretty weather though. They would probably jump all over it.
Not the best name for a company. "What brand of bike is that?" "Oh, Nothing without the "i". Flat Black is so Model T boring. Better names would be Pure, Simple, or Clean. Also, where is my water bottle holder, my cell phone holder, my bike bell, my bike bags for tools, locks etc? I live on the beach bike path in LA - most e-bikes now about 10% on the path are Something (not Nothing). I've seen cleaner bikes with integrated batteries. I've seen some with baskets on the handle bars to carry their pocket pooch, bars to hold surfboards and kids seats. I'll stick with my new Cyrusher XF900 - thank you.