Maximizing small spaces with quirky furniture appears to be Elii's raison d'être. Following the Didomestic and Susaloon projects, the firm is up to its tricks again with Biombombastic. The compact apartment features an open layout that can be split into multiple spaces when required with the use of a movable partition.

Measuring 24.9 sq m (312 sq ft), the recently-completed project involved the refurbishment of an apartment in central Madrid. Elii removed any dividing walls, so that the apartment now features just two rooms: a small bathroom and a large, near-empty space that serves as bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and lounge.

The firm installed all required amenities into an L shape around the periphery of the large space. These include a kitchen area, fold-down dining table and fold-down double bed, storage space, and a washing machine.

To make the large space more flexible, Elii also fitted a hinged wooden and perspex partition. Resting on casters, it can be pulled out and manipulated into position by following floor markings in a way likened to folding origami by the firm. Depending on the layout chosen, this can separate the bedroom, divide the home into two, or create a series of smaller spaces.

"The screen works in unison with hinged and foldable devices and with the lighting to configure a flexible space that serves to alter the 'domestic stages' (as if it were a 'domestic theater') with simple operations, turning one house into a multiplicity of homes," says Elii.

Check out the video below to see the project in further detail.

Source: Elii via Arch Daily

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