If you've ever owned exotic reptiles, amphibians and/or plants, then you'll know that keeping their living conditions optimal can be quite the challenge. Well, that's where the Biopod comes in. Created by Canadian biologist Jared Wolfe, it's an app-controlled terrarium that automatically makes sure everything stays just right.

Users start by utilizing the app to select which type of environment they want to maintain. It responds by telling them what plants, substrates, etc. would work best, and gives instructions on how to set everything up.

Once the habitat is up and running, integrated sensors continuously monitor a variety of parameters including temperature, light levels, humidity, ventilation and "rainfall." This data is transmitted to the company's cloud-based server, where it's processed according to the environment-type chosen by the user.

In order to keep all those things as they should be, the server transmits commands back to the Biopod, activating things such as its heater, mister, aeration system and LED lighting accordingly.

And no, the terrarium does not feed the animals. It does have a built-in Wi-Fi camera, however, allowing users to sneak peeks at them even when away from home.

Wolfe and business partner Tom Lam are currently raising production funds for the Biopod on Kickstarter, and have already surpassed their financial goal. Plans call for multiple versions of the Biopod to be manufactured, with a pledge of CAD$239 (about US$185) currently getting you a Terra model – if all goes according to plans. Estimated retail prices should start at CAD$399 ($308).

Source: Kickstarter

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