If you don't like lugging a bike lock around when cycling, then you might like Bisecu. It's permanently installed on the front wheel hub, and keeps that wheel from turning when the bike is left unattended. First announced this March, the 350-gram Bluetooth-enabled device is now the subject of a Kickstarter campaign.

Here's how Bisecu works …

When the rider walks away from the parked bike (with their smartphone with them), the lock is automatically activated as their phone's Bluetooth signal decreases. Should someone try stealing the bike anyway, a motion sensor in the lock will set off a 100-decibel alarm, plus it will notify the user via the iOS/Android Bisecu app. Once the rider returns, the lock senses their phone's Bluetooth signal and disengages, allowing the wheel to turn again.

The app also allows users to lock and unlock the wheel manually, plus it displays ride data such as speed, distance travelled and slope inclination, as gathered by Bisecu while the bike is in motion.

When we previously heard about the device, there was nothing that physically stopped a thief from simply picking the bike up and carrying it away. Now, however, the designers have announced the upcoming availability of a steel cable that plugs into Bisecu at one end, and loops around an adjacent immovable object at the other. Definitely a good addition.

If you're interested in getting a Bisecu of your own, a pledge of US$89 is required. Shipping is estimated for March, assuming it reaches production.

Source: Kickstarter

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