The Bizmo II from Terra Motors is a small, light, electric commercial scooter with generous carrying capacity that gets a 150-km (93 mi) range out of its 3.17 kWh battery. Set to launch in Japan, the company hopes the Bizmo II will be a game changer in the urban delivery market.

The commercial motorcycle market is one that stands to benefit greatly as electrics take over. Short-range deliveries require quick, maneuverable and practical vehicles, and electric bikes, with their ultra-low fuel costs and super-reliable, zero-servicing motors make a very strong case for themselves. That's not to mention the civic benefits of having zero local emissions, as well.

The new Bizmo II is a simple twist-n-go scooter with a single seat and a large luggage rack at the rear. It can be configured with large or small lockable boxes on the back, and a second smaller box or basket at the front to carry a cargo load of up to 30 kg (66 lb).

Minus hard cases, the Bizmo II weighs just 85 kg (187 lb) and boasts a maximum speed of 55 km/h (34 mph), with a power output just under 2 kW (2.7 hp). It should be an affordable and practical option for urban commercial delivery services, set to be as quick and crafty around town as a petrol scoot, but ongoing fuel and maintenance costs will be vastly lower.

Tokyo-based Terra Motors already has the A4000i iPhone-enabled electric scooter and an electric tricycle taxi under its belt and is aiming to sell 100,000 of the Bizmo II by 2015. The vehicle is set to launch in Japan but pricing details are yet to be announced. However, the modest battery size should keep it competitive.

Source: Terra Motors

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