The UK's recently-established Bluefield Houseboats aims to offer the kind of living experience you'd usually expect from a nice house or apartment, but on the water. To this end, the firm uses prefabricated construction, energy-efficient design, and home automation technology in its houseboats.

The houseboat pictured is the firm's debut model. It's a single-story home with a total floorspace of 500 sq ft (46.5 sq m). Its interior looks quite roomy and light filled thanks to the generous glazing, and shared spaces include a lounge, dining room, and a kitchen.

Elsewhere in the home lies a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, plus a second bedroom and a bathroom. The entire roof is available for use as terrace space and is accessed by a staircase on the exterior of the houseboat.

The houseboat is clad in powder coated aluminum and cedar. Internally, it sports natural wooden flooring, hardwood doors, and natural tiles. It is permanently moored and features no motor of its own but can be towed to another location if required.

Bluefield Houseboats told us that it's currently refining an off-grid package that will be made available for purchase, but for now its homes get electricity from a standard hookup. It has created multiple other designs too, including a two-story home, coffee shop, restaurant, and studio.

The firm also says that its houseboats are well-insulated and relatively air-tight, which means that they should be energy-efficient to run. The internal temperature is controlled by electric heaters and an efficient Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery system.

An Elan automation system offers fine control of the on-board sound system, LED TV, interior and exterior lights, and heating and ventilation systems via iOS or Android device.

The model pictured costs £225,000 (about US$274,000).

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