Charging an iPhone or iPod when out and about can often leave users taking advantage of any spare power outlet at hand. For those using the standard adapter and cable that came with said devices, this can sometimes mean leaving the units laying on the ground at the mercy of any big booted passersby. Bluelounge's MiniDock charging adapter overcomes this problem by replacing the dangling cable with a dock that connects directly to the standard Apple USB power adapter so that your mobile device sits upright close to the wall, safely out of harm's way.

Based in California, Bluelounge is a design studio aiming at neat and simple solutions, known for such creations as CableBox organizer, Sanctuary charging station and StudioDesk table - all designed to deal with the clutter.

Plugged into USB Power Adapter and the electric socket, MiniDock lets users mount an iPhone or iPod in the upright position. While handy for charging when out and about, the MiniDock can also double as a simple display-docking station provided the power outlet is located in a convenient place.

MiniDock is compatible with iPhone and iPod, and comes in three versions to fit U.S., U.K. or EU style adapters and sockets. Bluelounge also offers optional space bumpers to fill the gap between the dock and the device. They're included in the U.S. and EU versions, coming in three thicknesses. MiniDock is available for purchase online priced at US$19.95.

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