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Bluetooth-Headset and USB stick combo

Bluetrek Bizz Bluetooth-Headset
Bluetrek Bizz Bluetooth-Headset
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Bluetrek Bizz Bluetooth-Headset
Bluetrek Bizz Bluetooth-Headset

September 26, 2008 Some two-in-one gadgets just don't gel (the microwave TV springs to mind) but others like the Bluetrek “Bizz” Bluetooth-Headset make perfect sense. The device is a headset for making hands-free phone calls that also integrates a USB stick for storing data as well as removing the need for a separate charger.

The 10.3 gram headset can be worn as either an in-ear or an earband model, supports all classical call management functions, offers up to six hours talk time or 10 days standby and has an operating range of up to 10 meters.

The USB connector, which is hidden behind the detachable cap on the loudspeaker, is compatible with microSDHC cards of up to 8GB.

The Bluetrek “Bizz” Bluetooth-Headset costs around the UDS$90 mark.

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