With most major pizza chains equipped with online ordering and smartphone apps, having a pizza delivered is faster and easier than ever before. But that still may not be quick enough if you get a craving for your favorite pizza from your favorite pizzeria. That may be why one Dubai-based pizza shop is making things even easier on its customers by offering Bluetooth-enabled refrigerator magnets that can place an order for delivery at the push of a button.

Red Tomato Pizza is distributing the magnets to their VIP (Very Important Pizza) customers who request one through the shop's website, where they can also select (and change) their default order. The magnet uses Bluetooth to sync to a customer's smartphone, which issues the order over the Internet once the button is pressed. A confirmation then shows up on the phone to verify the order was receive, and minutes later a delicious pizza arrives at the customer's door. The only way the process could be any simpler is if the magnet detected hunger as well.

A Bluetooth-enabled magnet certainly streamlines the ordering process, though it might be wise to hide it from view, unless you don't mind pizza appearing at your door every time some nosy houseguest pushes the button to see what it does. It'll be interesting to see other delivery places take on the same idea (though Domino's does offer a similar default ordering by SMS), if only to replace the stack of takeout menus that occupy most people's kitchens with what's almost a personal vending machine on their refrigerator doors.