BMW’s Concept Stunt G 310 is, in its own right, a pretty funky machine. But it’s also our first glance at the German brand’s new 300 cc, single cylinder entry-level bike platform. Beyond the crazy paint job and stunt god Chris Pfeiffer’s antics, it’s a handsome looking machine – and its vertically mounted exhaust is a very cool touch.

The “youthification” of BMW is nearly complete. Ten years ago BMW motorcycles were sensible, pipe-and-slippers machines for the older gentleman, but now the Bavarians have leading products in the adventure, sport and touring categories.

Now, they’re about to extend into the final frontier – the learner category. At this year’s EICMA show, BMW is expected to launch a series of 300 cc learner bikes with entry level price tags – and this may be our first glimpse of the platform.

The Concept Stunt G 310 made its premiere today at South America’s biggest motorcycle show, the Salao Duas Rodas in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Decked out with a garish paint scheme, the Stunt 310 is fitted with a bunch of stunt mods: 12 o’clock bar with a footrest in it, twin rear brake calipers, a flat front race plate and crash bars, to name a few.

But underneath it all we can see a pretty sweet-looking nakedbike that’s clearly not far from production ready. It’s a single-cylinder machine, with that cylinder apparently tilted slightly backwards from the vertical to make the whole engine unit super compact and allow for a longer swingarm.

The single disc front end doesn’t seem to lack stopping power, at least with stunt god Christian Pfeiffer on board, as he’s clearly able to hoik up gigantic stoppies.

One very interesting idea is the use of a vertically mounted silencer behind the engine, eliminating a lot of pipework and making the exhaust almost invisible. If this makes it through to the production bike, it’ll be the cleanest back end of a bike we’ve seen since the old Buells with their underslung pipes.

The 300 cc platform is being developed in conjunction with Indian company TVS, suggesting that the production bikes may well come out at a competitive price point. We look forward to checking them out at the end of November when the EICMA show opens.

Our huge photo gallery gives plenty of angles on the Concept Stunt G 310 in development, showing glimpses of the production bike beneath. Well worth a look!

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