Emergency braking often entails the risk of ending up rear-ended by a following vehicle whose operator failed to analyze the situation soon enough. That can be particularly bad news for motorcyclists, so BMW Motorrad has enhanced its safety arsenal with the introduction of a dynamic brake light that is designed to better warn following traffic of the braking action taking place up front.

BMW Motorrad established the Safety 360 principle in 2012, integrating several relevant features under a common marketing element. Motorcycle safety is served through three distinct points: vehicle technology, rider equipment and rider training. The dynamic brake light adheres to the first point, incorporating a technology derived from the company’s automobile division.

This brake light function works in two stages, warning the following traffic when the motorcycle in front makes an emergency braking manoeuvre. The system activates when the motorcycle brakes from a speed above 50 km/h (31 mph), flashing the brake light at a frequency of 5 Hz, or five on-off cycles per second. The second stage comes into play when the decelerating motorcycle’s speed reaches 14 km/h (9 mph), as the hazard warning lights are automatically turned on and remain so until a minimum speed of 20 km/h (12 mph) is reached again.

The dynamic brake light is provided in tandem with ABS Pro, an advanced system supporting the braking process while the motorcycle rolls into a corner. Both these safety features are part of the Ride Modes Pro package, which will be available as an option for the 2016 R1200GS, R1200GS Adventure and S1000XR models and as a standard feature on the K1600GT, GTL and GTL Exclusive luxury tourers.

Initially the package will be limited to European models, unfortunately with no information yet regarding availability to other markets.

Source: BMW

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