Following the release of its UHD BeoVision Avant 55 earlier this year, Bang & Olufsen has applied the growth ray to produce an 85-inch model. With similar features to its smaller brother, the BeoVision Avant 85 takes over the flagship slot in B&O's TV lineup.

Like the BeoVision Avant 55, the new 85-inch model features a sound panel containing seven integrated drivers that glides into view under the screen and slides to the sides to provide stereo separation when the TV is switched on. A 6.5-inch Coscone subwoofer is also found on the rear of the unit, with an integrated wireless transmitter allowing the connection of additional external speakers to provide full 7.1 surround sound.

The 3,840 x 2,160 pixel direct LED panel features 2D local backlight dimming (as opposed to the LED edge-lit 55 incher's 1.5 local dimming) using a 12 row x 20 column array that provides 240 individually dimmable segments. The front glass panel is also treated with an anti-reflection coating that B&O says dampens reflections by more than 98 percent.

The new model offers the same stand options as the smaller model, including a motorized floor stand that allows the TV to hug the wall when not in use, but rotates the screen up to 90 degrees from the wall when the TV is switched on. This involves two movements, with the vertical tube connecting the TV to the base rotating on its own axis, while the base plate rotates to move the TV out from the wall.

There's also a motorized wall bracket that is available in left- or right-hinged versions that can turn the TV 19 degrees from the wall. The final option is a fixed wall bracket that sits the TV flush with the wall. The table stand that is available for the 55-inch model isn't offered for the 85-inch unit.

The TV incorporates B&O's Smart TV platform that allows viewing of internet content, with connectivity options including six HDMI ports, two USB ports, WLAN/LAN, DLNA and three Peripheral Unit Controller (PUC) connections that allow control of up to six external devices using the included B&O One remote.

In fact, the biggest difference between the BeoVision Avant 55 and the BeoVision Avant 85, other than the display size, is the price. While the 55-inch model retails for US$7,995, the 85-incher is substantially more expensive at $22,995. And that price doesn't include the aforementioned stands or 3D glasses. Pre-oders for the BeoVision Avant 85 are open now, with the TV to be in B&O stores in October.

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