In January, 2019, Line 6 released a useful update to its excellent Relay G10 wireless system for electric pickers, where the receiver housing was reworked to fit on a pedalboard. Now Roland's Boss brand has followed suit with the WL-60 Wireless System – the latest addition to the Boss wireless range.

As with the Relay G10S, the receiver of the Boss WL-60 receiver has pedalboard-friendly dimensions. The 2.75 x 4.72 x 2.12 in (70 x 120 x 54 mm) unit features a large LCD display for quick checking settings and automatic channel scanning for ease of operation. It makes three more channels available than the G10S – for a total of 14 – and the comparative signal strength of all channels is shown after scanning, allowing the player to select the strongest channel for a given venue.

The receiver can be powered by AA batteries or a compatible power adapter, and features a standard instrument input jack if needed (to cater for quick cable connection should the system's receiver run out of juice, for example). Two cable tone simulations are also offered.

The system uses a 2.4 GHz carrier frequency and should be able to receive a transmitter signal from about 65 ft (20 m) away with latency given as 2.3 ms.

The included WL60T transmitter doesn't plug directly into the guitar's output jack like the Boss WL-T or the Line 6 Relay G10T modules, but is mounted to a strap or belt with an included short cable running between transmitter and instrument. It's powered by AA-sized batteries, with Boss reporting that musicians can look forward to up to 25 hours of play when using alkaline batteries.

The Boss WL-60 Wireless System is priced at US$279.99, which is quite a bit less than the Line 6 setup. The WL-60T is also available to buy separately for $129.99, so you can attach one to each instrument on your rack. The video below has more.

Source: Boss

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