• Back in December 2019, Boss launched a pair of wireless headphones that squeezed in premium amp tech and effects, and allowed a player to connect to an electric guitar sans cable. Now bass players can also get in on the quiet practice action.
  • Best known for its boxy effects pedals for guitar and bass, Boss also makes amplifiers, wireless systems, rhythm machines, and a bunch of accessories. And now the company has made its own guitar, which comes with a built-in synth and Bluetooth.
  • A new version of Roland's hugely popular portable combo amp first introduced in 2007 has been announced. The Cube Street II now wears a Boss logo on the grille, comes with twice the output oomph and has had a few pounds shaved off its weight.
  • Guitar effects titan Boss has unveiled a personal amp/effects modeling interface for guitar that works with a mobile app to offer powerful tone shaping while learning or jamming with YouTube videos.
  • Last year, music gear maker Boss cut the instrument cable for its impressive portable guitar amp: the Katana Air. Now the company has put premium amplifier technology and guitar effects into a pair of wireless headphones.
  • Music gear maker Boss has announced a new effects pedal that puts a massive 121 synth sounds at the feet for guitarists and bass players, without them needing to install special pickups or understand complex programming.
  • ​In January, 2019, Line 6 released a useful update to its excellent Relay G10 wireless system for electric pickers, where the receiver housing was reworked to fit on a pedalboard. Now Roland's Boss brand has followed suit with the WL-60 Wireless System.​
  • ​Back in 2016, Line 6 claimed its Relay G10 was the easiest wireless guitar system to use. A year later, Boss joined in with its own plug and play system for the portable Katana Air amplifier. Now the Roland-owned music gear maker has launched a new line of wireless systems called the WL Series.​
  • ​Boss has announced what's billed as the world's first totally wireless guitar amplifier. As well as enabling cable-free connection between guitar and amp, the Katana-Air can run on batteries – giving musicians the ability to wander around while performing, with no risk of tripping over cables.​
  • Guitar effects titan Boss and Swedish guitar maker Strandberg have teamed up to launch the V-BDN VG-Strandberg guitar, which combines the shape and style of the Boden J Standard with V-Guitar synth and modeling technologies. And it looks absolutely stunning.​
  • Boss has saved solo acoustic performers looking for rhythmic help from unreliable bongo players with the launch of the DR-01S Rhythm Partner. The portable all-in-one beat box has built-in grooves, a range of percussion instruments to choose from and an integrated sound system.
  • Boss has announced an analog-style synth floor unit for electric or bass guitar players looking for full fat, latency-free poly-synth sounds without needing to install a special pickup or break out a 13-pin cable. The SY-300 has been designed to be used with any guitar pickup.
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