For those of us who like drinking beer or other bottled drinks straight from the fridge, there is never quite enough room to fit them all in, especially if you're having a party. Which is where BottleLoft, a magnetic hanger for your refrigerator, comes in.

BottleLoft frees up space by allowing you to hang beverages of your choice from the ceiling of your fridge. It consists of strong neodymium (grade 52) magnets embedded in narrow plastic rails. The plastic rails are affixed to the ceiling of your fridge, and your beer or other drinks are then hung from the magnets.

Each BottleLoft holds three bottles, so you could potentially have them running across the full width of your fridge. The adhesive used to affix the rails to the ceiling of your fridge is a low-temperature application grade of 3M VHB, which is strong enough to hold the whole thing up but which can be removed using a putty knife.

BottleLoft is currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign, with Brian Conti of Strong Like Bull Magnets seeking US$20,000 to start producing this patent-pending design. A pledge of US$20 rewards you with one BottleLoft, $39 gets you two, and $69 gets you four – assuming they reach production.

The Kickstarter campaign video below shows BottleLoft in action.

Source: Kickstarter

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