Brammo has eclipsed the range capability of its pioneering Enertia electric motorcycle with its latest commuter – the Enertia Plus. With its 6.0 kW h lithium ion battery pack the Enertia Plus achieves 80 miles (128 km) on a single charge – twice that of the original model – while only adding US$1000 to the price tag.

Back in July we spoke to Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher about the huge leap forward in performance showcased by the company's Empulse streetfighter model. It hasn't taken long for this improved battery tech developed through racing at the Isle of Man to find its way into a bike designed for the daily commute.

While the Empulse is tailored towards ripping through the twisties on a weekend jaunt, the Enertia Plus retains a practical commuter focus. The new model weighs in at 324 lbs (147 kg) and retains most of the performance specs of the original Enertia – a top speed of more than 60 mph (95 km/h) 40 Nm of torque at @ 0 - 1450 rpm and peak power of 13kW @ 4500 rpm.

Charging and starting has been simplified, there's a tighter turning radius and the geometry of the bike has been tweaked with an increased fork offset and handlebars moved 1-inch farther back.

The big difference is range. Even though the 42 mile capability of the original would seem to easily satisfy the need of most daily commuters, Brammo found that increased range was at the top of its customers' wishlist. It seems we are a little more conservative about the prospect of running out of juice when it comes to electric vehicles, and given that they take much longer to "fill-up", it's an understandable attitude.

The 6.0 kW h battery pack on the Enertia Plus (the Enertia has a 3.1 kW h capacity) should kill this range anxiety with its 80 mile capability – that's enough to ensure most commuters make it home with "half a tank" and will almost certainly mean there's no need to worry about finding somewhere to plug-in at the office for a top-up during the day. The downside – it does take longer to charge (around 8 hours).

The Enertia Plus is priced at US$8995 and comes in four new colors (black, blue, red and silver) with the option of a center kickstand (pricing TBD) and rigid Givi side bags (US$350).

Deliveries are slated to begin 2011 with Brammo is now taking pre-orders.

Check out the promo vid below:

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