Buick may not be on anyone's shortlist when it comes to the most exciting vehicles on the road, but it definitely diverts some eyes and gets the blood moving when it designs a new concept car. Case in point: the 2016 Avista. Buick is now preparing to introduce the Enspire SUV concept at this month's Beijing Motor Show, melding the worlds of utility, battery technology and fast, sleek design.

In a preview announcement this week, Buick released the first details and pictures of its latest concept car. The Enspire advances the worlds of sporty utility vehicle styling and next-gen automotive technology.

The Enspire relies on a fully electric eMotion powertrain for a very sporty 550 hp, allowing it to go from stop to 60 mph (96.5 km/h) in 4 seconds flat. Without providing any type of battery details, Buick slaps a 370-mile (595-km) range onto its concept utility vehicle, certainly enough to quiet range anxiety in all but the most ambitious cross country road trippers. The battery can be hooked up to a fast charger or topped off wirelessly, rising to 80 percent in about 40 minutes.

The Enspire's "surround skyline" interior hosts plenty of technology, including 5G connectivity, an OLED infotainment display and an augmented reality head-up display. The combination of the electric powertrain and "suspended theater-type seating" opens the greater cabin up, giving it a spacious, comfortable feel, while materials like natural wood grain and microfiber suede provide a classic complement to the cutting edge tech.

We certainly hope the exterior styling is a preview, even if rough and vague, of what's to come for Buick crossovers. Buick capitalizes on the all-electric underpinnings, doing away with the usual front/center slatted grille. Instead, it goes with a smooth digital design and routes air through a lower grille and thin curtains. The Enspire owes its strong stance to large wheels and short overhangs, with the sloping roofline and sculpted sides helping to drive the sporty look home. The front and rear lighting signatures add to the concept's distinctive presence.

That's all Buick has to say and show for now, but we assume it will release further details (or at least a fuller photo album) when it debuts the Enspire at Auto China. The show opens to the press next Wednesday, April 25.

Source: Buick

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