In the winter it's snowballs, and in the summer it's water bombs. Clearly whatever time of year it may be, kids will find something to throw at each other. However, while making a snowball is quick and easy, making a water bomb (or water balloon) can be a laborious process. Unless you have Bunch O Balloons, a system for filling 100 balloons with water in under a minute.

Each Bunch O Balloons connects directly to the end of a hosepipe. The water flows down the tubes into each individual balloon, simultaneously filling them all with water. The balloons are already tied, so when they're full you simply shake them out to seal them ready for throwing. Each Bunch O Balloons contains 37 balloons, with the inventor, Josh Malone, claiming this means it's possible to fill 100 every minute.

The balloons are only suitable for using once, but as they're made from natural rubber, plus an additive that accelerates the rotting process, they're considered biodegradable. The leftover stems are made from polypropylene plastic meaning they can easily be recycled.

Bunch O Balloons is currently raising funds through Kickstarter to purchase manufacturing equipment. Backers can pledge US$15 for 100 balloons, with higher pledges being rewarded with more balloons plus a slingshot-style water bomb launcher. The campaign has already smashed through the $10,000 funding goal and, if all goes to plan, delivery to water bombers is expected to start in April 2015.

The video below shows how Bunch O Balloons works, as well as Malone talking about his invention.

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