Scooters and folding bikes are both becoming popular forms of "last-mile" transportation – riders can carry them aboard buses or trains, then ride them the last few blocks between transit stops and home or work. It's important that they be compact, however ... and Seattle Cycles' all-titanium Burke 8 is definitely on the small side.

The single-speed Burke 8 has a wheelbase of just under 21 inches (530 mm), and folds down in less than 10 seconds. Once it's folded, it can still be rolled along on one wheel. At a weight of 7 kg (15 lb), though, it's not a big deal to carry for short distances.

Because of its tiny 8-inch wheels and quirky under-the-seat handlebars, the Burke 8 probably won't be putting too many traditional bicycles out of a job. According to Seattle Cycles founder Mike Yap, however, it's not intended to. He tells us that he sees it more as an alternative to a scooter, allowing riders to sit and pedal instead of stand and kick.

Along with its titanium construction and eye-catching looks (it brings the A-Bike to mind), some of the Burke 8's other features include a rear bag, a leather saddle, and itty-bitty fenders. Commercial production should begin by the middle of next year, with pricing currently expected to be "in the range of a high-end single-speed bike."

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