Cable Lock Attachment protects against keyboard and mouse theft

Cable Lock Attachment protects...
Targus Cable Lock
Targus Cable Lock
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Targus Cable Lock
Targus Cable Lock

August 8, 2007 The loss of a keyboard, mouse or any other cable-attached PC device due to theft could be a considerable inconvenience. Not only is there the cost of replacing the item, but when on the road they may not always be easy to replace. That’s where the Targus Cable Lock keyboard and mouse attachment comes in – the small (9 x 4.5 x 3cm) unobtrusive security device is designed to protect cable-attached items and ensure that your PC is stays fully functional.

The Targus lock attachment firmly clamps to the cable ensuring that it isn’t going anywhere. To steal a PC device protected by the Targus cable lock attachment would require damaging it, defeating the purpose of theft in the first place, although sensitive products such as computer peripherals are always, unfortunately, going to be vulnerable to acts of vandalism. It could also prevent friends from ‘borrowing’ your computer devices without asking you first.

The device has the added benefit of keeping cables running together neatly, which prevents cable-attached devices from making a desk untidy. It retails in packs of five for $64.95 with a warrantee of one year. Though not relevant to everyone’s situation, it is joins products like the the anti-theft backpack as another weapon against computer related theft.

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