New colors, button-shift and accelerated market expansion for 3-wheel Can-Am Spyder roadster

New colors, button-shift and a...
The 3-wheeled Can-Am Spyder roadster
The 3-wheeled Can-Am Spyder roadster
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The 3-wheeled Can-Am Spyder roadster
The 3-wheeled Can-Am Spyder roadster
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March 5, 2008 The much anticipated roll-out of the 3-wheel Can-Am Spyderroadster is continuing apace according to the latest news from the company behind the project, BRP. Strong market demand has led BRP to expand deployment with ordering now open to 35 states, five provinces and 20 international markets.

"The impact of creating a new category of on-road vehicles is becoming clearer than ever to us," said Chris Dawson, vice-president of Strategic Planning and Head of the Spyder program. "Consumer response has far exceeded our expectations and we are therefore proceeding with our market expansion ahead of our initial schedule."

BRP recently showcased the 990cc, 106hp, Y- shaped Spyder roadster at a dealer conference in Tampa, Florida, introducing a new Sequential Electronic 5-speed transmission (SE5) and three color options for the vehicle - Full Moon Silver, Millennium Yellow and Roadster Red.

The semi-automatic, clutch-less SE5 transmission provides shifting via a thumb-operated button located on the left handle. It includes the ability to automatically downshift (avoiding stalling) and like its manual counterpart, includes a transmission-based reverse.

The first 2008 Can-Am Spyder came off the assembly line in September last year and global roll-out of the is scheduled to be completed within two to three years, with "Premiere Edition" international Spyder owners to receive their units in the coming months.

Further reading at the Can-Am Spyder site.

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