French artist Benedetto Bufalino has been transforming ordinary cars into surreal art installations for several years now. His latest work adventurously reclaims an old caravan and miraculously turns it into a functional, mobile swimming pool.

Bufalino's latest impressive piece of whimsical engineering started by taking an old trailer and systemically gutting the entire inside. His team then reinforced the entire body with a strong steel frame skeleton before incorporating a functional pool into the structure.

The final result is an eye-catching, and fully operational, swimming pool, that can hold a significant number of people. While the final images do show the pool-caravan filled with people on a lovely summer's day, it is unclear how mobile it is when full of water. One would have to assume that while the caravan frame still functions as a transportable trailer it would be way too heavy to actually move when completely full.

Still, Bufalino's work is not aimed at creating actual pragmatic products for the marketplace – it's all about the eccentric and mischievous repurposing of old objects into new an unexpected installations.

This isn't the first water-based experiment from Bufalino either, back in 2014 he diced up an old Seat Ibiza to turn it into a working jacuzzi. His unconventional aquarium pieces also created some starkly surreal juxtapositions, more recently turning an industrial excavator into a real, living aquarium.

Bufalino's other work transforming cars and automobiles is just as eye-catching. Earlier this year the ambitious artist successfully turned an old Ford Mondeo into a real, working, wood-burning pizza oven. Other weird and wonderful installations include an upside-down car streetlight, a limousine ping-pong table, and a concrete mixing truck turned giant mirror ball.

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