Innovative Danish architecture firm CEBRA is working in collaboration with the travel company Danski on an alpine style ski dome to be situated in the city of Randers, Denmark. The ski park will provide over 3 km (1.86 miles) of indoor and outdoor slopes as well as a freestyle park, hotel, restaurant and all the modern facilities you would expect in a modern ski resort.

CEBRA has designed the ski dome based upon a six point snowflake and if built it will be the largest indoor ski park in the world at 100,000 square meters (1,076,000 sq.ft) in total, with 70,000 square meters (753,473 sq.ft) of skiing, taking over from SkiDubai with its current 22,500 square meter (242,187 sq.ft) indoor ski facility.

The snowflake will house six indoor and two outdoor slopes in its three intersecting arches, as well as spanning 700 meters (2297 ft) and rising 110 meters (361 ft) above the ground across the river Gudenå in Denmark’s sixth largest city. Each piste operates its own chair lift and an elevator is proposed for access between the arches and their slopes, color graded in the usual manner from beginner to experienced.

Whilst navigating the snow slopes, which are inspired by the resort of Alpe d’Huez in France, skiers will be able to view the surrounding scenery of the region through the perforated façade. One snowflake arch accommodates the black ski runs on its roof for all-year-round outdoor skiing while the other roofs house facilities are for skateboarding, BMX-ing and a landscaped park.

CEBRA's Mikkel Frost runs us through the proposed design in the Skidome Denmark video below (click the "Captions" button for English subtitles).

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