If recent geopolitical events have you wanting to run for the hills, or you'd simply like to escape the trappings of civilization, Utah's remarkable Cliff Haven looks like an ideal place to escape from it all. Built into a cliff back in the mid-1980's, the self-sufficient off-grid home is currently up for sale in a closed auction.

Located in Montezuma Canyon, Monticello, Utah, Cliff Haven comes with 12 acres (4.85 hectares) of land and takes its place very well indeed amongst the rock.

It's promoted as perfect for escaping the prying eyes of "Big Brother" and has something of a post-apocalyptic feel to it, though hardcore survivalists would perhaps be more interested in the Luxury Survival Condos which were designed to withstand a nuclear strike.

The rectangular home features a total floorspace of 2,100 sq ft (195 sq m), spread over nine rooms, including three bedrooms, a couple of bathrooms, and a 900-sq ft (83-sq m) two-car garage. A tunnel has been dug directly behind the home, which allows water runoff to escape, circulates cool air, and also serves as a fire escape.

Significant thought has obviously been put into ensuring Cliff Haven is self-sufficient. The home includes its own private well and a mature orchard that should keep you supplied with apples, peaches, cherries, etc. There's even a vineyard in the grounds.

A pair of 2,000-gallon (7,570-l) collection tanks store rainwater, while a solar panel array is attached to a battery bank for electricity needs (a diesel generator is on standby in case that fails). Internet and phone connections are also installed.

Cliff Haven is being sold in a closed auction on January 21. Viewings are available and there's more information on the source link below, including a tour video.

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