German-based e-bike manufacturer Coboc has always been about minimalism. Half its bikes are fixies, and none of them look electric until you lean right in. At Eurobike 2018, it's gone back to its roots with a 500-watt e-fixie that weighs only 11 kg (24.25 lb).

The Coboc One eCycle's is a reissue of the company's very first pedelec that took out a Eurobike Gold award in 2013. Most of the weight loss in this updated model comes courtesy of carbon fiber, in the wheels, fork, seat post and handlebar. That would imply that the frame remains the same 7020 aluminum as found on the brand's other single-speeders, which aren't too heavy themselves at 13.7 kg (30 lb).

There's no greasy chain because the carbon theme continues with a Gates Carbon Drive, a carbon-reinforced belt that keeps things clean and quiet from the crank back to the Ansmann hub motor. It's rated at 250 W continuous but can burst up to 500 W to help you away at the lights without the benefit of gears.

As with all Coboc's bikes, the battery's hidden in the downtube, which is kept thin enough that this definitely qualifies as a stealth e-bike. You don't remove it to charge; there's a Magsafe-style magnetic charging plug that goes from the wall to the frame. Capacity is 350 watt-hours, for a max range of 80 km (50 mi).

No pricing has been announced, nor availability, but don't expect it to be cheap. The Coboc One Soho this is based on retails for US$5,520, and that's without any of this carbon business.

Source: Coboc

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