In April of 2010, we told you about Los Angeles-based electric vehicle manufacturer CODA, which hoped to have its EVs in the driveways of Californians by the end of that year. Well, it may have taken a little longer than planned, but the company is now at a point that various other start-ups in its industry have never reached – it’s delivering cars to its first costumers.

Last Friday, three California-based buyers picked up the keys for their CODA electric sedans – two of those from the company’s LA dealership, with the third getting his from a dealer near his home in Northern California. All three vehicles came with a custom keychain and commemorative center console-mounted plaque, as will the rest of the company’s first 500 cars.

The five-passenger mid-size CODA sedan reportedly averages 88 miles per charge, although it can go up to 125 miles (201 km), depending on driving habits. Its energy efficiency sits at 73 mpg (3.2 L/100 km) equivalent. The Lithium-iron Phosphate battery pack charges in six hours from a 240-volt outlet, and comes with a 10-year, 100,000-mile (160,934-km) limited warranty.

The car is priced at US$37,250, although tax credits may reduce that price for some buyers by up to $10,000. CODA is currently focusing on sales in its native California, but plans on expanding to other markets as production volume allows.

Source: CODA

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