But Norwegian company Unikia is looking to update the plain old lunch bag with its Compleat FoodBag, a reusable lunch box that keeps food fresh and protected in transit and rolls up compactly when the meal is over.

Being completely sealed at the bottom, the bag can act as a container for any type of food, from sandwiches to pasta and even soup. After putting your food inside, the top of the FoodBag rolls down like a traditional paper lunch bag and can be secured with a belt so its contents stay fresh. The bag is made primarily from BPA-free silicone, with the bottom and sides more solid to keep anything inside from being squashed in transit.

Once you're finished eating, the bag rolls up into a short cylinder just 4 cm (1.6 in) in diameter, making it easier to carry while preventing any leftover mess from leaking. It's also dishwasher safe, so cleaning it between meals shouldn't be a hassle.

Unikia is selling the Compleat FoodBag through its website at a price of €9.95 (US$13), plus shipping. It is currently being offered in blue, grey, yellow, and lavender colors, though the company has also shown both a red and a green variant, so those may be offered later.

Source: Unikia

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