For those that like to mix and match their jewelry to match their outfits, Covair is looking to make what it calls classic timepieces with interchangeable components. This means you can swap the face or strap out for another whenever and wherever style dictates or the mood strikes you.

Covair produces several different watch faces and several different watch straps. These include simple faces in white and gray, and straps made from both leather and stainless steel. These can all be swapped in and out until you find the combination that takes your fancy, and it's all thanks to the interchangeable watch base onto which the faces can be slotted and the straps attached.

The straps feature quick-change clips, allowing users to switch from leather to stainless steel in seconds. The faces are inserted into the base, staying put thanks to a combination of an O-ring and magnets, the latter of which have been tested to ensure they don't interfere with the watch movement.

Covair is currently running a Kickstarter campaign aimed at raising US$55,000 to cover production costs. Backers are being offered the Covair Starter Kit that includes a base, two watch faces and three straps as a reward for pledging $129 or more, with the retail price expected to be closer to $255. Covair will ship anywhere in the world, with the first deliveries expected to be made in December 2015 if all goes to plan.

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