When you’re looking for more “portable” and less "kitchen," you go with something like the My Camp Kitchen camp box – or a trunk-full of camp stoves, grills, charcoal and propane tanks. On the other hand, if you lean more “kitchen” and less “portable,” you might want to look into the Critter, an elaborate portable kitchen designed for serious cookouts.

The Critter, designed by Elia Mangia Design Studio, attempts to split the difference between the austere portable cooking solutions typically used outside and fully outfitted indoor kitchens. The 240 cm (7 feet 10 inches) long wood-framed modular kitchen set is anchored by a dual-burner gas stove on one side and a hot water tap on the other. In between, cooks can outfit the food prep space with their choice of modular layouts and store pots, pans and utensils under the main surface. There's even a garbage disposal.

"Portable" takes on a bit of a subjective air when applied to the Critter. While the integrated carry handles should make it easy to hoist through your sliding door onto the deck, it doesn't offer any type of folding function. If you want to transport it to a tailgate or campsite, you'll have to break it down into its components and build it back up. Only eight screws marry equipment to frame, so it shouldn't take that long to assemble and disassemble. Still, it's a little more complex and space-intensive than a tabletop grill and folding table.

The Critter could potentially serve as an indoor and outdoor kitchen hybrid. Use it inside a small apartment or office that lacks available kitchen space, and its blend of ash wood, stainless steel and cast iron provides a simple, functional look. When the warm, sunny weather won't stop pestering you to shed roof and walls, simply carry the entire kitchen to the yard or deck and prepare a full meal under the blue sky.

It appears that the Critter will be available through Italian design retail shop Skitsch. No pricing information has been published yet.

Source: Elia Mangia via Core77

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