Quality products generally make tasks easier to accomplish while lasting longer than their cheaper counterparts. When it comes to staying dry outside in tempestuous weather, however, almost all umbrellas tend to suffer similar shortcomings. The Cypress, however, may be the last and best umbrella you'll ever own, as its telescopic suspension system is designed to be stronger, durable, and more resistant to flipping inside-out.

Not much has changed with umbrella mechanics over the years, save for some projects attempting to address certain issues. The self-draining Kjaro umbrella focuses on preventing water from leaking everywhere, and the origami-inspired Sa umbrella is designed to bounce back into shape after being blown inside-out by wind. The Kazbrella, with its center-collapsing system, aims to both minimize drip and be able to re-shape itself. But as with most umbrellas, each of these are susceptible to succumbing to strong weather.

Cahay Ho and Kevin Truong, the team behind the Cypress, have chosen to tackle fierce winds head-on with a unique design. Instead of a thin skeleton frame connected by hinge joints, the Cypress Umbrella uses telescoping tubular sections and precision-machined parts to create a structure that is reportedly 10 times stronger than that of a traditional umbrella. While it may weigh in more than many, the Cypress' design chooses not to compromise strength for low weight.

Unlike standard umbrellas with relatively fixed, connected frames, the Cypress features an automotive-inspired suspension system. Similar to how shocks work to provide vehicles with an overall smoother ride, each rib within the Cypress' architecture is designed to pivot and adjust independently. This individual movement is what allows the Cypress to handle the shift and flow of air about the canvas, making it more aerodynamically stable.

Once fully collapsed, the Cypress Umbrella stores easily within its built-in enclosure. The sleeve deploys from the handle and expands to keep water in and other belongings dry. The Cypress also features an interchangeable canvas, allowing users to select and swap bewteen a variety of colors and patterns to complement mood and/or attire.

The crowdfunding campaign for the Cypress Umbrella is scheduled to launch on Kickstarter next month. A pledge of US$65 will include one Cypress umbrella frame and two canvases. Additional canvases can be added for $11 each.

If production goes according to plan, backers can expect shipments of the Cypress umbrella to start sometime mid-2016. Check out the video below to see how the Cypress Umbrella compares in a wind test.

Update Oct. 20: The Kickstarter campaign for the Cypress Umbrella has now launched. Early bird pledges start at $49 for one a fixed length umbrella and two canvases.

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