There are plenty of four-wheeled toys around for well-to-do adults, but young motoring enthusiasts have far fewer options. If your child has expensive tastes, or doesn't like the look of a shrunken McLaren P1, Ford Mustang or Tesla Model S, they can now indulge in their passion for motoring with the boutique, electric D.Throne.

Unlike some of the other tiny four-wheeled toys we've covered at New Atlas, the D.Throne is designed to do more than crawl around the backyard. The design team wants it to be durable enough to tackle forays into the outside world, which means handling hills, grass and poorly-surfaced pavement. The rechargeable battery lasts between three and seven hours depending on how heavy the driver is, which means youngsters could potentially explore a long way from home.

With that in mind, the old-fashioned looking D.Throne has been wildly over-engineered. It has a full rear suspension, and a working differential to handle the electric power being put to the rear wheels. The frame, which is made of metal and cloaked in pale wood, is rated to hold a whopping 200 kg (441 lb). That means it should be able to stand up to even the most enthusiastic rides from generously proportioned uncles.

It might be made in China, but the design of this little toy car has been heavily inspired by classic British shapes. The grille could have been stolen directly from this tiny Rolls-Royce, and the wooden detailing on the edge of the frame is a classy touch. The single seat is trimmed in leather, and the wooden steering wheel is a delightful throwback.

There are also plenty of customization options on offer, with a range of different colors for the frame, leather and wooden trim. We can only imagine the ordering process is like ordering a Bugatti Chiron, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. Is your spoiled junior driver likely to care? Probably not, but it's nice to know the design team has gone to the effort. All jokes aside, though, it does look very pretty, especially compared to the plasticky offerings you get elsewhere.

D.Throne doesn't list a US price on its website, but you can expect to pay around US$3,000 for the privilege of driving an electric toy. Given McLaren charges just $500 for its McLaren P1 toy, the D.Throne is aimed at the well-heeled junior motorist.

You can check the D.Throne out in the video below.

Source: D.Throne

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