The team at Danforce appear to have stuffed more into a flashlight than we'd have imagined possible – or even necessary. The super-modular G1 Pro is an adjustable-focus flashlight throwing out up to 1,080 lumens. But it's also a lantern, a compass and a power bank, with mounts, clips and accessories galore – and it's smashed its Kickstarter goal.

When you open up your G1 Pro carry case (yes, it comes in a carry case), you're confronted with a lot of bits and pieces. The heart of it is a rechargeable LED flashlight, with an adjustable focus head, letting you go wide for floodlighting or narrow the beam down for distance. When you screw the extra battery module in, you can get up to 1,080 lumens, throwing to a distance of 1,000 ft (305 m), and up to 12 hours of battery life. Without it, it's half as bright and lasts half as long, which is still plenty on both counts.

The extra battery module itself can be disconnected and re-fitted with different end pieces to give you a compass and a USB powerbank – each battery gives you 3,200-mAh of power. Or you can screw on a lantern attachment to the main globe, which gives you a nice little area light.

There's a neck strap, a hand strap, a belt clip, and a little holster, while the battery charger can be used to charge all sorts of batteries. There's also a mount to stick it on your bicycle, and another one to stick it on your gun. Different heads can be stuck on it, primarily for looks it would appear, as can filters – red ones for looking at nocturnal animals without them knowing, and green for … helping plants grow?

It looks like a bit of a torch de force, and it's on Kickstarter now for US$64 a pop, having already smashed through more than 10 times its funding goal. Deliveries are scheduled for December if all goes to plan, and hopefully we'll have a review unit to play with soon.

Check out a goofy video below.

Source: Kickstarter

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