The Dario Meter is a pocket-sized, smartphone-connected monitor for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. It's cheap and easy to use, logs blood sugar levels and other important stats via a dedicated app, while automatically keeping loved ones and caregivers in the loop.

The device is designed to make life that little bit easier for diabetes sufferers, providing a single product and experience that lets them keep track of blood sugar levels, insulin intake, calories consumed (via a built-in food database) and their exercise regime.

The meter itself plugs straight into your smartphone, working with both iOS and Android. Very small blood samples – just 0.3 microliters – are taken via an ultra-thin lancet, which is apparently pain-free to use. It takes just six seconds to complete the whole blood glucose-metering process and according to the company, returns highly-accurate readings, despite only taking tiny blood samples.

The meter incorporates a cartridge of 25 disposable strips that contain chemicals whch react with the glucose in the blood, giving the reading. Once a cartridge is used up, you simply slip it out and put a new one in.

It also provides simple reports about the health of the user, helping them to understand why their levels have changed, as well as the ability to see an estimated A1C – a haemoglobin measurement used to show average glucose levels over longer periods of time.

Furthermore, if the user's blood sugar levels get dangerously low, the app can automatically contact a loved one or caregiver. All the data is stored in the cloud, and users can allow family and friends to see it all by logging on through a web portal.

The other good news here is that the Dario Meter is pretty inexpensive, coming in at £14.95 (US$23) for the Lite version (blood glucose meter only) and £24.95 ($38) for the All in One package (blood glucose meter plus test strips). In fact, you can currently get the All in One package for just £9.95 ($15) in honor of World Diabetes Month.

Source: MyDario

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